Community Impact

We believe that we have a role to play in protecting the environment, supporting the communities in which we operate, and more broadly, in helping to create stronger and more sustainable societies. This is part of creating a sustainable, long-term business, and becoming the preferred company for our customers, employees and other stakeholders. 

AXA Achievement



Visit the AXA US YouTube Channel to find out more about the 2015 AXA Achievement winners


AXA in the Community

In keeping with our committment to our local communities, the AXA Foundation supports major cultural institutions in New York City, Jersey City, Syracuse and Charlotte--communities where there are large numbers of AXA employees. 

AXA in Morristown

We are proud to partner with the Market Street Mission to assist them in the relentless pursuit of their mission:

"Minister to the homeless, helpless and hopeless in the Northern NJ by meeting their physical, emotional and spiritual needs through a structured program which enables them to lead responsible, productive lives"

Visit their website for more information on how the Mission has been impacting the local community since 1889, to make a donation to their cause, or see how you can get involved today.